Why I ask for help—and why you should, too.

It seems like almost every client I’ve met with in the past week has confided that they are afraid to step into the light—to put power behind their desires by telling people about their dreams, their business, their hope for a promotion, or even to humble-brag about their recent wins.

Here is what I want you to know:

People like to help people. But people can’t read your mind.

When it comes to making your dreams come true, the more people you tell, the better. Get specific about the support you need, the doors you want opened, and the areas you’re struggling with.

When I decided I wanted to quit a job in the creative agency world to find more meaningful work, I called my financial advisor and asked for help. How could I make this desire my reality? He helped me map out a plan.

When I wanted to open my own business, I sat down with my mentor and friend and sought her feedback on my target audience and focus. She was more than willing to listen to my ideas and give me sound advice to help me start with a strong foundation.

When I wanted to share my ideas on a bigger stage, my coach introduced me to her friend who hosted a popular podcast on Forbes, and that friend said yes to featuring me last summer—which led to me becoming a contributor. (Thank you, Denise.)

Last week I had a few people ask me for specific advice on taking leaps and opening doors. I was happy to help them make connections and take the next steps in making their dreams realities.

Don’t be shy. Ask for help—and be specific about what you need so people know how best to support you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and you’ll get there so much faster. And when you get there—don’t forget to humble-brag about your successes. No one will know you’ve reached your goal if you don’t tell them—and they want to know so they can celebrate with you.

Much of my success today is because I am surrounded by amazing people who believe in me—and because I’ve enlisted their help at many points on my journey. Sure, I’ve worked hard. But every achievement I’ve attained is thanks in part to someone else offering a hand up. My gratitude is endless, and I try to show it by paying it forward.

There are people in your life anxious to offer you a hand up—and celebrate when you’re on the mountaintop. All you have to do is ask.

What are you trying to accomplish? Send me an email, and if I can help, I will.

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