What’s your story?


In my former life, I held the role of “chief storytelling officer” at Flying Horse Farms, a camp in Ohio for children with serious illnesses. My job was to create the brand for the organization from the ground up: to establish the mission, vision, and core values, and then to share that brand story with the world.

Toward the end of my time in this role, I discovered Michael Margolis and Get Storied. I was researching ways to build institutional memory at Flying Horse Farms, seeking strategies to keep stories alive from one generation to another.

You see, origin stories and vision stories each play a critical role within organizations. When the people at an organization understand its history, it’s easier for them to see their place in that story—and they’re often more motivated to help bring the vision to life.

Today, in my work as a career and personal coach, the same is true. It’s equally important for my clients to define and tell their personal stories: to feel good about where they are, what they’re doing, and where they’re headed.

I recently revisited GetStoried.com to see what Michael and his team were up to, and enjoyed I reading his post “3 Simple Ways to Start Your Story.”

The “Imagine If…” approach Michael refers to is similar to the visioning work I do with my coaching clients. Before you can successfully move from one role to the next (whether your transition is personal or professional) you need to know where you’re headed. Creating your personal vision—a future-focused story of your new life—is a simple yet effective way to make your dreams a reality.


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