What’s your PR?

When it comes to any career transition, it’s important to determine what you’re known for within your company, industry, or community.

Many of the clients I work with are in the midst of some type of career exploration. They may be seeking a promotion within their current company, or pursing new opportunities altogether. Whatever the circumstance, I always ask them one simple question: what’s your PR?

What I’m talking about is understanding how you’re perceived in your current role. It’s the first step to determining what skills you need to develop to get to your next career role.



Not sure what your PR is? Ask your boss, reread your performance reviews, or seek feedback from an honest and trusted source. (After all, you want feedback that’s accurate, not sugar coated.)

The goal is to be known for your future responsibilities before you even have them—so that when the opportunity strikes, you’re the clear and logical choice to fill the position.

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