What do you owe to yourself in 2020?

In a recent group coaching call, a client admitted she struggles with slowing down.

She left a job and is on sabbatical, but she finds herself struggling to step into this new chapter of her life. Instead of enjoying the unhurried pace and taking time to explore what might come next, she’s fighting the urge to just jump right into another job.

“I owe it to myself,” she said on the call, in reference to taking advantage of this unique moment. She knows she needs to quiet the noise around her so she can take the necessary time to decide not just what will keep her busy, but what will energize and excite her.

I loved that she put voice to an obligation we often ignore: the obligation we have to do things for ourselves, even when it feels awkward or selfish. (And we all know it often does.)  

So as we kick off the new year, I’m hoping you’ll join me in making a commitment to you. I’ve listed some questions below to help you get started and included my own answers to hold myself accountable.

What do you owe yourself in 2020?

I owe it to myself to try and find a literary agent so I can get my book, “Heart Boss,” published.

What steps will you take to get there?

I will identify and contact 100 potential literary agents with a copy of my book proposal. If I reach 100 rejections, I’ll raise my threshold.

What are the barriers you might face along the way?

Discouragement from rejections or no responses.

What will you do to overcome them?

Take a break to call a friend who can offer some encouragement. Then return the next day with focus and fresh perspective.

Who can you lean on to help you get there?

Other coaches in my network. Friends with experience and connections in the publishing industry.

How will you celebrate when you reach your goal?

I’ll do a happy dance, uncork a celebratory bottle of wine and then head out for a nice dinner with Nick.

I hope these questions help you commit to you throughout the coming year. If you’re struggling to fill in answers or just need some encouragement, reach out about my upcoming group coaching program. I have just a few spots left, and as you read in the client example above, it’s often an eye-opening and incredibly worthwhile experience. After all, we owe it to ourselves to have a fabulous 2020.

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