This is a one-time event

This is a one-time event

This is, indeed, a one-time event.

I’m talking about life, of course. It’s so easy to forget that we only get one try at this.

I was reminded recently when a group of friends all experienced some form of upheaval in their lives at the same time—one underwent a double mastectomy, another’s son unexpectedly passed away, and one found herself in the ICU after delivering her baby.

All of these events have left me convicted. Because the truth is, friends: I haven’t been taking my own advice.

Over the past few years, I’ve mostly courted clients from corporate America because I thought that’s where the business was. This came with a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through, and I’ve recently found myself a bit lukewarm about some of the work I was taking on.

So here’s what that means: I’m shedding my own should of pursuing this kind of client. Instead, I’m running toward the people who light me up, those who are yearning for significant change in their professional AND personal lives but aren’t sure where to find it. They are over scheduled and stressed out but eager for growth, eager to live their life like it’s a one-time event. Because it is!

It’s a risk—because I’m not guaranteed the kind of steady stream of clients that the corporate world promises. But this is what makes me feel most alive, so why would I waste precious time on anything else?

To that end, you may have noticed things look different around here, on my site. That’s because I want to make it a little clearer to you what I’m all about, which is helping you breathe easier, live fuller and focus on what matters.

Here are a few new (and improved!) ways I’m doing that:

Group coaching. We’ll gather, reflect, and strategize. As an intimate group of people eager for change, we’ll create a community that offers perspective and clarity around your true priorities. The first one of these is already underway, and I’m eager to build group two. Reach out to me here if you’re interested.

Half-day intensives. These comprehensive sessions will give us a chance to talk through and push beyond significant barriers so you can create dynamic change in your life. Delicious provisions included.

Email inspiration. I have started sending free bits of monthly or bimonthly inspiration directly to the mailboxes of those who have requested it. Power up here.

You can find a full list of my services here. If any of this sounds like something you should pursue, I encourage you to honor that—and reach out.

After all, this event’s a one-time thing. Let’s assure we’re living like it.

If you’re struggling to live life like it’s a one-time event, I’m an executive and life coach who works with clients worldwide. You can reach me at

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