Strategic Plans Aren’t Just for Business: Why applying business strategy to life can transform the way you participate in your life.

I spent years of my career helping businesses define their mission, vision, values, and culture. Not too long ago, it occurred to me that, as a society, we’re missing a critical step: we have failed to apply our business smarts to our personal lives.

What if we created strategic life plans and evaluated them quarterly or annually, like we do in the business world? What would happen if we shared our strategic life plans with our personal board of directors (family, friends, mentors)? Would we be happier? More fulfilled? Would we live more authentic lives? Feel a greater sense of accomplishment?

Based on my experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

Often my clients come to me when they’re in transition. They may be redefining their career path, or simply seeking more fulfillment and purpose in their current work and personal life. Together, we go though a series of exercises to help them create:

  • Their mission: a personal statement of what drives them
  • Their vision: a holistic view of their work and personal life
  • Their core values: the 10 components that make up their priorities and principles
  • Their culture: a conscious definition of their personal brand

The result of these coaching sessions is that my clients find clarity about what is most important to them. This clarity informs and guides them along their journey, providing a blueprint of sorts to align their mission, vision, values, and culture with their career and personal goals.

Bottom line: When you make decisions based on your core values, you transform the way you participate in your life.

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