Stop living for the weekend

My ideal Saturday goes as follows:

I sleep in (until my toddlers wake me up, which really isn’t sleeping in). Head up to our local cafe, Fox in the Snow, for a killer cup of coffee, an egg sandwich and a donut. I do something fun with my girls. Then catch an afternoon yoga class or OrangeTheory class. We grill out for dinner, and I end the day with a glass of wine with Nick on the front porch.

I love a Saturday like this, but I don’t live for it. It wasn’t always like that.

When I dreaded my 9-to-5, I put all my happiness eggs into the weekend basket. All my satisfaction rested in that small window of time from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

That sure put a lot of pressure on those 40-ish hours, and it made for some miserable Monday mornings. Until I decided enough was enough.

I’m happy to say that now, I live life on my terms, meaning I find joy and fulfillment in my every day because I make confident, thoughtful and intentional decisions about how I spend my time.

As you head into the weekend, are you finding yourself living for the next few days?

I want more for you. That’s why I created the Your Life. Your Terms. group coaching program.

Your Life. Your Terms. is a nine-week group coaching program designed to draw working women into an intimate community to get clear on what they want, identify barriers keeping them from getting it, and create a roadmap for living life on their own terms. Ultimately, you’ll have a refined view of what’s possible, a plan to get there, and a community of sisters rooting for you along the journey. You’ll leave as a more productive teammate, a more powerful leader and a more impactful—and happier—human.

Join me. Enrollment is open now through next Friday, Oct. 11.

Rooting for you,


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