Still struggling? You’re not alone.

Distance runners often talk about the last leg of a marathon being the toughest.

It’s when the exhaustion kicks in, both mentally and physically. And while you’ve come a long way, you still have a few miles to go, too.

I think it’s safe to say we’re in the last leg of this COVID marathon.

Vaccines are being administered, infections and hospitalizations (in many places) are on the decline, and there seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

And yet, I’ve found that many of us (myself included) are still struggling.

We’re still doing some form of hybrid learning with our kids while working from home. Our children are regressing, struggling with mental health issues from a lack of social and mental stimulation. We’re still isolated, restless, and reeling from a year of constant stress and worry.

The other day, my daughters observed me floundering, and decided to offer some advice.

“Mom,” Maeve said, “I think you need a feelings doctor.”

“Oh, she has one,” Dorothy replied. “But it’s just not working.”

It was painfully hilarious, but it also gave me pause.

As we hear others talk about life slowly resuming and improving, it can be discouraging if we don’t feel that same sense of relief and hope. I know I’m not quite there yet.

So let me be the one to tell you: It’s OK. It’s OK if you’re not feeling better yet. It’s OK if you’re still anxious and angry and overwhelmed.

You’ve been through a lot. Be gentle with yourself, and make room to feel those things.

Most importantly, if you need some help, seek it out.

Rooting for you,


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