So much can change in a year + an invitation

Last winter, my husband, Nick, and I took our girls sledding on a bright and perfect January afternoon.

It was a disaster. The girls were little, so Nick hopped on the sled with them to help keep it balanced. His weight caused the snow to billow out from underneath and spray them in the face. They made it to the bottom of the hill, but they were soaked, scared, and shivering. They still talk about it.

So I was dubious about what might happen on the first run of 2019. They both decided they’d like to try going it alone, and Nick made his way to the bottom of the hill to meet them.

I’m going to pause here—because there’s already enough to celebrate. They were both willing to give it another try, despite the infamous sledding incident of 2018. And they were both dialing up enough courage to go down the hill alone.

I hadn’t anticipated this, and I was immediately in awe. It’s amazing how much growth can happen in a year.

Do you feel like you’ve just come off a 2018 chock-full of sledding incidents? I’ve talked to a lot of women who feel the same. It was a uniquely trying year for many. And you know what helps? Knowing you’re not alone.

That’s why I decided to turn the Your Life. Your Terms. online course into a mastermind group.

One of the most effective ways to break through barriers is by entering into community with people who can encourage us and hold us accountable. This six-month program is designed to do just that.

That means we’ll have a monthly one-hour group call, and you’ll get a monthly 30-minute one-on-one call with me. You’ll also have unlimited access to all of my Your Life. Your Terms. self-guided courses. Click here to view all of the topics we’ll cover.

At the end of the six months, you’ll have a clear, thoughtful plan to achieve your goals and a refined view of what’s possible. You’ll be perfectly on track to take action and grow, grow, grow before year’s end.

Enrollment in the group ends February 15. Just reply to this email if you’re interested!

As for my girls’ growth from last January to this one, it went even beyond a willingness to try. They both went down the hill by themselves a dozen times. On her last run, Maeve, my 2-year-old, hopped on her sled.

“Make it a good one!” I shouted.

Halfway down the hill, she lifted both hands in the air, joyfully embracing the uncertainty.

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