Ready to live life on your terms?

I’ve coached and surveyed hundreds of women who feel how you’re feeling.

Women who are depleted, overworked and underwhelmed. Women carrying around the invisible load, i.e. the endless catalogue of information, from favorite snacks to bill due dates to project timelines, we keep to manage our households and workloads. Women at a breaking point, wondering When does it stop?

I hear you. Because I was you.

That’s why I created Your Life. Your Terms., an online program for women who are ready for meaningful transformation.

Enrollment for this course is $479 and is open for a limited time now through Friday, Oct. 26. Click here if you’re ready to make a change.

Your Life. Your Terms. is for any and every woman who’s not where she wants to be—whether that’s professionally, relationally, or personally—and is ready to invest in her own growth.

It’s packed with nine courses, each containing valuable and personal lessons alongside thought-provoking exercises. Together, we’ll work through topics like saying goodbye to self-doubt, setting meaningful boundaries and defining your why.

At the end of the program, you’ll have:

  • A clear, thoughtful plan to achieve your goals
  • A set of tools to keep your intentions on track
  • Clarity around your priorities
  • Confidence around your skillset
  • Inspiration to push through your perceived boundaries
  • A refined view of what’s possible

Because it’s time for you to start showing up for yourself like you show up for others.

It’s time for you to live life on your terms. Click here to learn more and make it happen.

Rooting for you,


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