Maybe you aren’t dreaming big enough

My husband, Nick, recently did a project as part of an interview process where he had to imagine his life 10 years from now.

Who would he be? Where would his focus lie? What would his day-to-day look like?

Nick wrote in great detail about what he saw for himself—and that, of course, included all that he saw for our family.

His vision for me was beautiful: The Leadership Circle, my coaching program for female executives, is an expansive community that is rich with meaning. I’m being invited to speak on exciting stages around the world, and I’ve written three books that seek to help women live their most authentic lives.

When he described his vision to me, I teared up. Every part of it was beautiful, and the future he imagined for me sounded fulfilling, joyful—and bigger than anything I’ve dared to dream for myself.

What a gift, I thought, to have someone I love and trust conjure up my life a decade from now and see things I never could.

Nick knows the goals I have for myself, and he knows the fears I carry, too. He knows the trials I’ve encountered, the roadblocks I put in my own way, and the wins I’ve fought so hard to get.

For him to visualize my life in this way was incredibly meaningful, and as a result, I’m now expanding my own vision for myself and dreaming bigger.

Are you dreaming big enough?

Ask a trusted friend, partner, or mentor to dream on your behalf, and see where it takes you.

Rooting for you,

P.S. If you want a group of women you can dream big alongside, reply to this email. My Leadership Circle begins in September, but the deadline to apply is the end of June!  Want to chat with me before you apply? Reply to this email and we can schedule a call.

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