Let’s Make 2020 Your Year

I want this to be your year. To level up in your career. To stop asking Is this it? To author the life you want.

There’s something about the freshness of a new year that fills me with absolute joy. It’s the chance to exhale what doesn’t serve us so we can create space for what does. An opportunity to game plan that power move and start executing. A reminder that we can, indeed, do whatever the hell we want with this one wild and precious life—whether it means tweaking the script or rewriting it altogether.

And I’ve refocused my work on helping women do exactly that—all of it—in a really meaningful way.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching for five years. Right now, two things fuel me most: Giving keynote addresses and working with women consistently over longer stretches of time to achieve their goals. So that’s what I’m pouring myself into this year.

And I’m taking new clients now.

Here’s the skinny: You sign up to work with me one-on-one for a year. We meet monthly, either in person or remotely, and we talk between sessions as necessary. I help you get clear about what you want, shed you shoulds, set achievable goals, arm you with new tools, and support you every step of the way.

I’m not going to change your life. You are. I’m just here to help you do it.

If you’re ready, let’s talk. Or, if you know someone who is, send her my way.

If not now, when? Let’s make 2020 your year.

Rooting for you,


P.S. I was recently interviewed on Scaling with Soul podcast by Heather Terry. We talked about my background in coaching, stigmas + truth behind coaching, and how the people I coach are leveling up their careers in an impressive way.

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