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The Leadership Circle is a year-long program for female executives seeking to immerse themselves in coaching, development, and community.

Guided by NYU-certified Executive Coach Regan Walsh, the program is designed to help a curated group of members navigate challenges, elevate their careers, and connect to a powerful network of like-hearted leaders.

Next Leadership Circle launches:

September 2024

The Leadership Circle has given me a network of women to celebrate and support my professional hurdles and personal accomplishments. It’s given me space to be seen and heard. Most importantly, it’s made me feel less alone in my leadership challenges as a woman.

— Member

What’s included:

Monthly individual
coaching sessions

(50 minutes)

Monthly facilitator-led
group sessions

(90 minutes)

Quarterly in-person leadership discussions

(2 hours)

SOS coaching

(once per month as needed)

0 %
of members say they feel more joy and contentment at work and at home
0 %
say they feel more connected to a powerful network of women
0 %
say they’re showing up more authentically in their personal and professional lives

This experience is right for you if you’re ready to:

  • Expand as a leader
  • Increase your influence
  • Exchange burnout for joy, energy, and focus
  • Prepare for a promotion or expansive growth
  • Make senior-level connections across a variety of industries
  • Be part of a network that makes introductions and opens doors for each other

The Leadership Circle has been life-giving.

— Member

I’ve learned so much from the women in this group that has expanded my thinking and encouraged me to keep evolving and learning.

— Member

The Leadership Circle has been amazing for building my network, providing me with ongoing support, holding me accountable, and giving me the ability to reframe how I look at things.

— Member

Questions? We have answers!

What is the Leadership Circle?

The Leadership Circle is a yearlong program that provides corporate women with a space for executive coaching, professional and personal development, and a strong community of other female executives who understand what they’re going through. It gives them a container to experiment and be real about what they’re feeling—a place to say, “I don’t have all of the answers.” Throughout the program, I act as their corner woman, helping them navigate challenges within their jobs and lives. The growth that occurs as a result of their shared and varied perspectives is powerful.

This program is for corporate women who are far along in their career, likely running businesses, managing teams or preparing to take over a bigger role. They have endless meetings and competing events. Many are raising families and navigating challenges with aging parents. Some of them have worked so hard to get to the top that they’re now asking, “Is this it?” They are women searching for clarity and communion, and they’re committed to growth. And they’re able to travel to Central Ohio on a quarterly basis for our in-person events.

I cap the program at around 20 women so we can maintain the integrity of the group and build a strong bond. We have monthly group sessions, which need to be intimate enough to allow for each person to have airtime. The group is highly curated so there isn’t a conflict of interest between members. There’s variety across industries. Ultimately, I want to ensure people show up authentically and that there’s no holding back.

Each member receives one individual coaching sessions a month with me, which are 50 minutes. We have a monthly group session, which lasts 75 minutes. The in-person quarterly sessions will be two hours. And I also leave room in my schedule for SOS coaching sessions in case members are navigating a specific challenge and need to talk it out.

Members are expected to show up to each group session and contribute to the dialogue. There are times where I might send everyone a book or an article or ask them to do an exercise, and my hope is they’ll be ready to discuss it when we meet. Members should be generous with their time, and ready to have conversations and build relationships with the other women. I encourage them to reach out to someone in the group they haven’t connected with at least once a month. And if they don’t live in Ohio, members should be committed to traveling to the area for our in-person quarterly sessions.

At the beginning of the program, I send out a survey to all members so I can understand what they care about most. I also use diagnostic tools, including the DiSC assessment, so they know their own leadership and communication styles and how that influences their work. This guides both individual and group sessions. For individual sessions, those are structured to help members with their unique goals. Whether they’re leading a company being purchased by a private equity firm or they’re running sales across a region, the individual sessions will be tailored to meet their needs and address their challenges. For group sessions, each month has a theme. I often have outside speakers come to discuss things like how to have high-stakes conversations, tax and wealth creation, and board readiness in service to nonprofits and startups. We might read a book and work through a guided discussion. There will also be a chance for members to lead a session that highlights their zone of genius and benefits the group as a whole.

Companies invest in the Leadership Circle when they want to help leaders thrive and retain top talent. Burnout is at play with leadership—particularly women who are doing it all. Investing in this program not only says, “We see you,” but also, “We support you.”  Sometimes the simplest and best thing a company can do for an employee is invest in their development, giving them the opportunity to gain tools they’ll use forever. The rewards of that development can far outlast the initial investment. When the Leadership Circle is over, these women have knowledge that will pay dividends for years to come.

Members will end the year with a clear vision for their future and how they’ll get there, as well as the confidence to go for it. They’ll have increased knowledge on being a more effective leader. They’ll have an incredible network of women who have their back. And they’ll hopefully experience more joy in the journey. Members will have the opportunity to renew their Leadership Circle membership and continue growing alongside each other.

The next Leadership Circle kicks off in September 2024.

For more information or to apply, reach out to Regan here.

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