“I’m so good at this!”

Here’s a list of just a few of the things my clients are good at:

  • Being a trial lawyer
  • Building sales teams
  • Creating space for civic discourse 
  • Executing events around the globe
  • Investing money in our community

How do I know? They told me.

For women, the confidence to talk about our strengths often doesn’t come naturally. In fact, we’re more likely than men to underestimate ourselves or avoid sharing our strengths for fear of being seen as conceited, arrogant, or lacking self-awareness.

But knowing, owning, and sharing our strengths is powerful.

When we say, “I’m so good at this!” we give those around us permission to do the same, lifting others up as we lift ourselves.

This creates a culture of self-assurance and recognition—a welcome antidote to the tendency to sell ourselves short.

I’ve witnessed this firsthand. In the Leadership Circle, my yearlong program for female executives, I very intentionally cultivate a culture of owning our superpowers (because I’m good at that!). And I’ve witnessed the dividends it pays.

If you’re looking for a welcome space to share your strengths with other like-hearted women, you can learn more by clicking here. Or send me an email saying you’d like to talk. My 2024 Leadership Circle kicks off this fall.

Rooting for you,

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