Don’t let self-doubt hold you back (like I once did)

“I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

She sent me the email at the end of the workday. I was wrapping things up as I prepared to go on vacation, and her response came to a note I’d sent with updates on a current project.

She questioned everything—the direction the project was going and, especially, my handling of it. I was gobsmacked.

I don’t think you know what you’re doing.

Those eight words triggered a downward spiral that zapped me of my confidence and filled me with self-doubt. It put a dark cloud over my vacation. It caused me to start second-guessing my gut instincts. I’ll be honest: This interaction took longer for me to recover from than I’d like to admit.

Because self-doubt breeds quickly and easily if we’re not careful, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ll spend focused time getting rid of it in my online program, Your Life. Your Terms.

So many women I know let self-doubt grow like a weed inside of them. It sprouts as you compare your life to others, making your own seem not good enough. Or as you seek external validation, exhausting those around you in an attempt to make yourself feel better. And it thrives when you receive negative feedback (see above), causing you to jump to the worst possible conclusion about yourself.

Saying goodbye to self-doubt requires you to right-size your expectations and celebrate your accomplishments so you can live a confident life on your terms.

If this resonates, I hope you’ll enroll today in Your Life. Your Terms. and quash that pesky weed of self-doubt. I know you can. (Keep in mind: Enrollment is open now through Friday, Oct. 26.)

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