Do your habits reflect your desired outcome?

So many of the women I’ve coached feel like they’re on a hamster wheel.

Life is coming at them quickly: They have businesses to build, aging parents to care for, teams to manage, relationships to tend to. And they’re tired. They feel like they can’t stop moving, and yet they aren’t getting anywhere.

Often, they’re asking themselves: Is this it? Is this really what I’ve been working toward my whole life?

If that sounds familiar to you, I want you to know it’s possible to get off the hamster wheel, to go from “Is this it?” to “This is it!”

Start by asking yourself a new question: Are my habits reflecting my desired outcome?

Your habits, the actions you repeatedly perform, compound over time. In fact, James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says that our lives are essentially the sum of our habits.

So if we find ourselves burnt out and underwhelmed, it might be time to evaluate those repeat actions.

One way I help clients do this is through the use of a different (and better) wheel. The life wheel is made up of eight areas that I believe encompass everything we do—family, work, money, personal growth, health and wellness, spirituality, community, and living environment. 

I have clients rank those eight areas in order of importance. Then, they rank them according to the time they realistically spend in each area.

Do those lists line up? If not, it’s time to change your habits so they reflect your priorities.

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