Come home to yourself

After decades of chasing big dreams, building high-powered careers, caring for families, and creating community, the women I work with are nothing if not burnt out.

Many of them confuse this exhaustion with despondency or, worse, loss of self.

“I’m a total mess,” they tell me—despite the fact that on paper, they are wildly successful.

After years of hustling, these women are finally coming up for air, and many of them are asking crucial questions: Who am I? Where have I been? How can I get “me” back?

If this resonates, I’d like you to know that it’s possible to restore your intuition, rediscover your joy, and feel like yourself again. I call this coming home to yourself.

Embarking on a homecoming journey is a lesson in downshifting, and this requires a certain amount of courage, especially for women who’ve only known how to upshift.

It means slowing down, saying “no” more, and being fiercely intentional with your yeses.

Doing this allows you to carve out time for deep connection with yourself so you can show up more authentically in all areas of life.

For me, this looks like taking long walks in silence. I don’t listen to music or podcasts. I have no real agenda on my walks. I’m in my body, letting my mind wander, and I simply tune in.

For others, it’s running, journaling, or meditating. One of my clients even books a solo retreat in the woods every few months to recalibrate. It’s a non-negotiable for her.

At the end of this homecoming journey is a powerful transformation. I’ve witnessed clients return to themselves with relief, laughter, and joy.

You can, too. And if you need help, you know where to find me.

Rooting for you,

P.S. If you need an accountability partner to help you downshift and “return home,” reach out. My Leadership Circle is a yearlong program for women who want to invest in coaching, development, and community. Our new cohort starts this fall. 

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