Clarity (and wine): Group coaching is a go!

Last week as I was walking to my office, I ran into an old friend.

“Are you offering any group coaching programs yet?” she asked.

This is something people have been asking me for months now. And for the first time when asked that question, I was able to say yes.

I am thrilled to offer a small group coaching program that provides the same content I deliver to my private clients – but in a fun group environment.

Are you crazy?

I know what you’re thinking.

You really expect me the shed my shoulds during the busiest time of year?

I intentionally set these coaching dates during this stretch. I want to support you in having the best possible holiday season. And I want to help launch you into the new year feeling strong, vibrant and happy.

The total investment is $750. Early registration (through Oct. 13) is $600.

Spaces are limited. Email me at to reserve your spot today.


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