Choose guts over fear, always

Guts Over Fear from Regan Walsh on Vimeo.

In my talks with clients, the single biggest thing that holds them back from making needed change is fear.

And more specifically, fear of what others think.

Thing is, it’s just so easy to get hung-up on outside opinion of our choices or the rejection that could follow a risk we want to take. We’re human, so when we enter unfamiliar territory, we want to make sure others have our backs.

But here’s what I’m always trying to drive home: You become more confident in your choices when you understand why you’re making them in the first place. And if you’re confident in your choices, outside opinion no longer matters.

That’s why I structured my online program, Your Life. Your Terms., the way I did. We start by identifying our core values. Then, we work through common barriers, like fear, that keep us from staying committed to them.

If you’re having trouble listening to your gut, I encourage you to join me here. The last day to enroll is Friday, Oct. 26!

Finally, I’ll leave you with four pointers for overcoming fear:

  1. Don’t go after anyone’s approval other than your own.
  2. Refuse to fuse with fear (worry or anxiety). Instead, see it, acknowledge it, and push through it.
  3. Expect realistic outcomes.
  4. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

Your gut won’t steer you wrong. Choose it.

Rooting for you,



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