Find Clarity Now: A Special Offer

Dear Friends, I see you. I hear you. And I want to help you find clarity amidst this uncertainty. While I typically offer only 12-month

Let your gut be your guide

A client sent me a note recently. My gut is starting to speak loudly to me. Starting? No, I told her, it always has. And

Stop living for the weekend

My ideal Saturday goes as follows: I sleep in (and by sleep in, I mean wait for my kids to wake me up instead of

Have you made peace with imperfection?

I can ask that question—have you made peace with imperfection?—because I’m a recovering perfectionist myself. And frankly, my desire to make things “perfect” have made

Here’s how I defined my why

I don’t do coffee dates. As someone who listens for a living, I’m often asked to “grab lunch” or “meet for coffee” throughout the week.

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