You don’t have to be ‘all in’

It’s all or nothing. That’s what those of us who are Type A tend to believe, isn’t it? We heard our parents, teachers, and coaches preach

“I’m so good at this!”

Here’s a list of just a few of the things my clients are good at: How do I know? They told me. For women, the

Choose Significant Over Urgent

I think it’s safe to say we all feel an urgent desire to press fast-forward on what is clearly a very uncomfortable moment for all

Breaking up with bad rules

Some rules just don’t make sense. I recently sat on a panel with a woman about this exact topic, and she was once asked to

Stop living for the weekend

My ideal Saturday goes as follows: I sleep in (until my toddlers wake me up, which really isn’t sleeping in). Head up to our local

A guide to getting out of your own way

Biting our nails. Forgetting to use our turn signals. Checking our phones right before bed. These are bad habits—and we all have ‘em. But what

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