How to prepare for big change

Nick and I are embarking on a major house renovation. In an effort to be as prepared as possible, we took a week off for

How to dream as an adult

Joanne Smith was 62. She was nearing the time when most would consider retirement, when starting a new business might seem unrealistic or too nervy.

Listen better and multitask worse

  You’re in the middle of typing an email, and a colleague walks in with a question. You look up, fingers still flying across your

Rewrite your story: Authoring your life

I recently worked through Designing the Life You Love, an interactive journal created by Ayse Birsel. It walks through her process of deconstructing the many

When in doubt, look to your strengths

In a world that glorifies a busy schedule, that encourages us to keep moving that measuring stick a little farther away, it’s easy to lose

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