Brave before good: 3 ways to flex your bravery muscle

You gotta be brave before you can be good.

I heard the line while watching the movie “Hearts Beat Loud,” and it keeps coming back to me—this idea that bravery precedes many of our successes.

It’s a New Year, and many of us have a resolution or two for the next 12 months. But I want you to think, for a moment, about your pipe dream—that loftier goal you didn’t write down because you’re scared or unsure.

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a family or going for a promotion or leaving a difficult relationship.

And I want you to consider that you have to be brave before you can be good—that for a time, as you work toward that goal, you’ll have to be bold in the face of uncertainty. So here are three ways to flex your bravery muscle.

Tell someone else.

Breathe life into your plans by telling someone else—a friend, spouse, colleague, or parent. Make it someone you trust. Voicing our Big Hairy Audacious Goals adds a layer of accountability, offers others the chance to be encouraging (or even helpful along the way) and, ultimately, can remove some of the fear by making it feel a little more real.

Back yourself like you back others.

I drove this home recently in a digital seminar with a group of working moms. Think about how you support and advocate for the dreams of your friends, family, and colleagues. How would it look if you backed your dreams like you back theirs? How would your self-talk change? Perhaps bravery would come a little easier if we encouraged ourselves like we do others.

Believe in the domino effect.

Sometimes being brave enough to take one step has a positive domino effect on our lives. A former client emailed me recently to say she had taken that step. She was unhappy in her current living environment, so she bought a home away from the Downtown grind. First, the move spurred some important conversations in her relationship. Then, lo and behold, she found a new job opportunity and got to resign from a role that had been holding her back. The domino effect is a real thing, friends.

Think about it: What one, brave step can you take to gain some momentum?

Believe in your ability to be brave. The good will come later.

Rooting for you,



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