Blowing gaskets? Try repeating this mantra

My husband, Nick, and I keep blowing gaskets over little things.

It’s happened more than I’d like to admit. Something small inconveniences us, and we start fuming. Our reactions rarely match the driving force behind them, which then causes us to stop, look at each other—and burst into laughter.

I took to social media to lament this newfound habit of ours, and it seems we’re not alone. I got so many messages from friends having similar experiences. One client got “livid” that a few unused coats were moved out of an entryway closet. Another hit her head as she was changing the sheets on a bunk bed, so she proceeded to tell the bed off.

The isolation is wearing us all down.

Something that’s helped Nick and me in moments of unwarranted frustration is to repeat this phrase: It’s no big deal.

Sure, many of the things I’ve experienced recently are annoying, ill timed, and maybe even a little challenging. That’s why I let myself get angry (for a moment). But ultimately, they don’t add up to much more than that. So I repeat my mantra as many times as I need to.

What IS a big deal? Are you in good health? Do you have access to food, clean water and shelter? Then all is well. Reminding yourself of that is a great way to reframe the situation—and maybe even get a little laugh out of it.

So the next time you meet a molehill you’ve made into a mountain, just remember, it’s no big deal.

Rooting for you,


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