Before you turn the page on 2018…

My word for 2018 has been this: courage.

I did a lot of things—in all aspects of my life—in the past 12 months that required some guts.

I jumped on a last-minute opportunity—as inconvenient and impossible as it seemed it would be—to spend time cross-country being coached by my hero, Marshall Goldsmith. I interviewed many interesting and high-profile leaders for Forbes. I launched my first online program. I potty-trained my second kid. I made many hard business and family decisions, too.

Calling out courage as my word meant that I made several moves despite fear. It didn’t mean I was always successful (I wasn’t). Or that I wasn’t ever nervous, uncertain or even downright terrified (I was).

I just did the things anyway. And that’s worth noting and honoring.

One of the topics I stress with clients is the importance of celebrating each and every milestone. At the end of the year, especially, we are prone to only looking forward, to planning and strategizing for a successful 2019.

We forget all too quickly what the past year asked of us and how we answered, what steps we took (no matter how small) toward our dreams, what large and small joys we experienced.

When we move the goalpost too quickly, we miss the chance to thank our past selves for getting us to where we are now.

So before you turn the page on 2018, I encourage you to ask yourself some questions about the makeup of your year.

  • What did I accomplish?
  • What did I experience?
  • What did I survive?
  • How did I show up for myself?
  • How do I feel about my answers?

Reflect on them, honor them. Then tell me: What was your word for 2018—and how are you celebrating it?

Rooting for you,




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