About that one time I had a chat with Amy Purdy (the most decorated Paralympic snowboarder in history). 

I recently spent time in California—first on my annual girls trip with friends, then speaking at a QuickBooks event.

Among my lessons learned: Seven days is too long away from Nick and the girls. But Amy Purdy, another speaker who I got the chance to spend some time with, is fabulous.

For those who don’t know her: At 19, Amy went into septic shock and had both legs amputated. At 30, she decided she wanted to be an athlete—and became a world-class snowboarder who won three Paralympic medals, competed on Dancing with the Stars, wrote a book and went on a national speaking tour with Oprah, among other things.

Amy Purdy, three-time Paralympic medalist.

You can find our full conversation in my most recent Forbes story. But here are her three keys to living well:

  1. There are no rules. Amy didn’t become an athlete until she was 30. And she became dominant, despite the fact many of her competitors are younger. “So I feel like you can be whatever it is you want to be at any time you want to be it,” she says. In other words, grab your life and live it. Right now.
  2. Start being what you want to be today. Amy thought her various prosthetic legs could make interesting photos. She assumed photographers might reach out, thinking the same. Finally, she just hired a photographer and posted some photos… and other photographers quickly came calling. “Instead of sitting back and waiting for the opportunity, create the opportunity,” she says. “It’s kind of amazing how you don’t have to wait for permission.”
  3. Stay grounded. Have a place and people that keep you grounded. For Amy, that’s her Colorado home and her husband. Watering plants, cooking dinner, enjoying nature—that is where she finds her truest joy.

As everyone begins looking toward 2019 and inevitably assesses where they are—because that always happens this time of year—I hope you’ll keep #2 top of mind. This is your life—the only one you get. If you’re not exactly what you want to be right now, the only thing stopping you from being it is you.

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