A guide to getting out of your own way

Biting our nails. Forgetting to use our turn signals. Checking our phones right before bed.

These are bad habits—and we all have ‘em.

But what about our more internal habits—the behavioral things we do, often unintentionally, that hold us back in a professional setting? I talk to clients a lot about those.

That’s why I created this free guide for getting out of your own way, to help you spot those habits and kick them to the curb so you can win at work (and beyond).

The big things here are defining and identifying. We have to define what it means for us to win—then identify the habits that keep us from feeling successful.

That can be hard, so I’ve grouped the bad habits I commonly see clients struggle with into three main categories. See if these resonate with you.

Paralyzing habits. Some of us are perfectionists. Or people-pleasers. Or solo pilots. And all three of those distinct personalities come with pitfalls. Whether you want it all done right or you’re scared to let others down or you resist asking for help, the reality is, you’re taking on too much. And it’s making it hard to move forward.

Overthinking habits. If you replay conversations for days, find yourself apologizing for nearly everything or taking feedback too personally, you’re likely an over thinker. That comes with emotionally and mentally draining pitfalls for you and those around you.

Bad PR habits. So many women I know mistake confidence for arrogance. So they wait for others to notice their accomplishments or downplay their value. They miss so many opportunities to campaign for themselves. Believe it or not:You can be your own hype woman. (In fact, you’re the best person for the job.)

In my five-page guide, we’ll work through those three groups and commit to developing new and better habits in their place.

My hope is that after completing the exercises, you’ll leave knowing what winning means to you and how to get out of your own way to do it.

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