Choose guts over fear, always

Guts Over Fear from Regan Walsh on Vimeo. In my talks with clients, the single biggest thing that holds them back from making needed change

Stop living for the weekend

My ideal Saturday goes as follows: I sleep in (and by sleep in, I mean wait for my kids to wake me up instead of

Have you made peace with imperfection?

I can ask that question—have you made peace with imperfection?—because I’m a recovering perfectionist myself. And frankly, my desire to make things “perfect” have made

Here’s how I defined my why

I don’t do coffee dates. As someone who listens for a living, I’m often asked to “grab lunch” or “meet for coffee” throughout the week.

Ready to live life on your terms?

I’ve coached and surveyed hundreds of women who feel how you’re feeling. Women who are depleted, overworked and underwhelmed. Women carrying around the invisible load,

I used to hate Sundays too

My anxiety on Sundays used to be sky-high. On the day normally reserved for rest, family fun and easing back into the week, I frequently